Chatham Islanders | Episode 3: Kaitiaki - Looking after each other

From Chatham Islanders, 6:00 am on 7 March 2022

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​*This programme can only be viewed if you're in Aotearoa/New Zealand.
*Available to watch until 11th October 2026

What is life like on Aotearoa's remotest island? Chatham Islanders: Tchakat Tchatam Airani is a series about a remote community we see and hear very little from.

Rēkohu / Chatham Island / Wharekauri. Living on a rock in the middle of the ocean 800 kilometres from Aotearoa means the islanders have to be resilient, and over the years looking out for each other has become a way of life.

3 DARRELL - Chatham islanders

 Fisherman Darrell Fraser Photo: Black Iris Productions

Rydge Lanauze eating paua

Rydge Lanauze-Anderson​ eating paua Photo: Black Iris Productions

3 BRODIE - Chatham islanders

 There's no high school on Rēkohu / Wharekauri / Chatham Islands, so most kids like Brodie Fraser will leave to go to boarding school. Photo: Black Iris Productions


Basalt columns on Rēkohu Photo: Black Iris Productions


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 Made with the support of NZ On Air Photo: NZOA