7 Nov 2016

Warrior chief: the story of Hongi Hika

From Black Sheep, 2:20 pm on 7 November 2016

In the latest episode of RNZ's Black Sheep podcast, we explore the life of Hongi Hika.


Hongi Hika is a man with a difficult legacy. He's one of the greatest figures in New Zealand history, but he's also often held responsible for starting the Musket Wars - an outpouring of inter-tribal violence which may have claimed the lives of as many as 20,000 Maori.

History Professor Paul Moon tells how Hongi's skill as a political, economic and military leader allowed him to accomplish things no other chief ever has.

We also get Ngapuhi's perspective on Hongi Hika's legacy from one of his descendants, Haami Piripi.

A sketch of Hongi Hika from a 1820’s painting.

A sketch of Hongi Hika from a 1820’s painting. Photo: S. Percy Smith (CC BY-SA 3.0)


Black Sheep is written and presented by William Ray, edited by Jason MacLellan and Mark Chesterman  – the executive producer is Tim Watkin.


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