19 Dec 2019

A documentary about how young people in Christchurch have adapted over the last decade

From Assignment, 9:00 am on 19 December 2019
Christchurch Cathedral, 2019.

Christchurch Cathedral, 2019. Photo: Kris Vavasour / NZ Broadcasting School

Over the last decade, the city of Christchurch has endured thousands of earthquakes, a massive fire on the Port Hills, and a deadly terrorist attack at two local mosques. We’ve all heard stories from the many adults involved: home-owners, workers, visitors, and dignitaries – but what about the city’s youth?

This is a generation of Christchurch children who’ve grown up with violently shaking ground and a broken city – to them, it’s almost always been that way. They’ve grown up surrounded by disaster and tragedy – so how has that affected them, and what are their stories? Here, four Christchurch teenagers talk about growing up during tough times and how it has shaped their outlook. A documentary from first-year students at the New Zealand Broadcasting School at Ara.

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Photo: NZBS

In association with the New Zealand Broadcasting School at Ara