21 Oct 2011

Death of Chinese toddler sparks soul-searching

8:56 pm on 21 October 2011

A two-year-old Chinese girl run over by two different vehicles and ignored by passers-by has died of her injuries.

Wang Yue died early on Friday, more than a week after the accident on 13 October.

The case, captured on a security camera in the city of Foshan, ignited public uproar over what some called the immorality of modern society.

The BBC reports it sparked a wave of condemnation and soul-searching on China's social networking sites with many that 18 people had passed the seriously injured toddler without going to her aid.

Some saw the incident as evidence of a decay in public morals after decades of economic growth.

Security camera footage showed Wang Yue being knocked down by a van while wandering through a market where her parents run a shop.

It showed the driver speeding off without checking on her condition and passersby ignoring her plight.

Another van then ran over her legs before she was finally moved out of the street by a rubbish collector.

Police have detained the drivers of both vehicles.

Following the public outrage, the Chinese authorites are now considering introducing a law that would force people to help anyone in obvious distress.