10 Jan 2011

Assange due in court to fight extradition to Sweden

3:05 pm on 10 January 2011

The founder of the whistle-blowing website Wikileaks is due in a British court on Tuesday to appeal against his extradition to Sweden where he is wanted for questioning about sexual assault claims.

Julian Assange's publication of thousands of secret United States government documents has sparked controversy worldwide and he has signed a 'tell-all' book deal.

Mr Assange's British publisher Cannongate says his first book will come out sometime in April this year.

In the blurb for the book, Mr Assange promises to expand on his philosophies that underpin what he calls his "state-less and ground-breaking media company," Radio New Zealand's correspondent in London reports.

However, a book tour may prove difficult if his high-profile fight against extradition to Sweden has not been resolved by then.

Mr Assange's legal team say if he returns to Sweden for questioning over sexual assault claims, he risks being extradited to the US.