19 Oct 2010

Indonesia investigates 'torture' video

10:52 am on 19 October 2010

Indonesian police are investigating whether a video allegedly showing Indonesian soldiers torturing indigenous Papuans is authentic.

A Hong Kong-based human rights group has uploaded the graphic video on its website, and says the footage has been shot recently, the BBC reports.

The grainy and badly shot footage shows men dressed in what appear to be military uniforms, kicking and abusing indigenous Papuan villagers.

The men are seen interrogating the villagers, and accusing them of having links to rebel groups and separatists.

The second part of the video shows a Papuan man tied up on the ground, being tortured by a group of unidentifiable men. The film shows the man's genitals being scorched with a burning stick.

Papua is one of the least developed and most remote provinces in Indonesia, despite its rich natural resources.

A small group of rebels have waged a war for independence from Indonesia for the last few decades.