12 Oct 2010

Kim Jong-il's son opposes succession of power

10:27 pm on 12 October 2010

The eldest son of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il has reportedly said he opposes a dynastic succession that would see a third generation of his family take power.

Kim Jong-nam's remarks came after his younger half-brother, Kim Jong-un, was unveiled as the nation's heir apparent to the Dear Leader, Kim Jong-il, the BBC reports.

Kim Jong-nam, who is known to live in China and Macau and is about 39, was quoted by Japanese and Korean media.

He was once thought to be his father's likely successor but fell out of favour, after he was deported from Japan on suspicion of trying to enter the country with forged travel documents to go to Tokyo Disneyland.

Mr Kim's youngest brother, Kim Jong-un, is widely thought to have been chosen to eventually take over from their father.

He was named a general last month and was appointed to a key political post in the ruling Workers' Party.

He is believed to be the son of an actress who later died in Moscow.