9 Aug 2010

Driver detained as suspect in Afghanistan medic ambush

9:55 am on 9 August 2010

Police in Afghanistan have detained one of the drivers of a convoy of foreign medical workers who were killed in the north east of the country.

The bullet-riddled bodies of five American men and three women - an American, a German and a Briton - and two Afghan translators were found in a remote area of Badakhshan province.

The Taliban said they carried out the ambush, but police have said they believe robbery was the motive, the BBC reports. The victims had been stripped of all their valuables

The local police chief says the driver is a suspect and may have assisted the men who ambushed the convoy. He disappeared after the attack and was arrested in Fayzabad, the capital of Badakhshan province, after a police search.

The group of ophthalmologists had been working for a charity, the International Assistance Mission, which provides eye care and medical help. They had been travelling between Badakhshan and Nuristan provinces providing help and treatment for local people.