14 Mar 2010

Thirteen dead after drug-related violence in Acapulco

2:51 pm on 14 March 2010

Thirteen people have been killed in an outbreak of drug-related violence in the Mexican beach resort of Acapulco say officials.

Five of the dead were police officers whose patrol was machine-gunned.

Eight other bullet-riddled bodies were discovered in different areas around the city - four had been beheaded.

Acapulco is one of Mexico's best known holiday resorts attracting thousands of tourists from Europe and North America.

But it's also a prime transit route for smuggling drugs into the USA and in recent years it's been the site of bloody turf wars between rival gangs.

This latest bloodshed couldn't have come at worse time, it's a holiday weekend in Mexico and the start of spring break which brings a surge of American visitors.

At least two of the decapitated victims were dumped close to the centre of Acapulco on a highway popular with tourists for its scenic views.