30 Apr 2014

Wreckage find dismissed

4:02 pm on 30 April 2014

Search coordinators for the missing Malaysian airliner have dismissed the possibility that wreckage which an Australian company says it has found in the Bay of Bengal could be that of Flight MH370.

The geophysical survey company GeoResonance says it has located what it believes to be the wreckage of a plane thousands of kilometres from the current search area off Western Australia.

It says it should be investigated as potential debris from the Malaysia Airlines flight which vanished nearly nine weeks ago.

The company says it passed on the information to the airline and the Malaysian and Chinese embassies in Australia on 31 March, and to search coordinators on 4 April.

However, the Joint Agency Coordination Centre managing the multinational search says it continues to believe the plane came down in the southern Indian Ocean.

A massive search operation has so far failed to turn up any trace of the plane.