28 Jul 2013

Newborn baby abandoned in Brisbane

11:48 am on 28 July 2013

A newborn baby boy was found abandoned on the doorstep of a house in Brisbane on Saturday morning.

The boy, who had been wrapped in blankets and placed in a basket, was found by residents of the home in the suburb of Kingston at about 5.30am (AEST).

Police said the boy is just a few days old and is likely of Pacific Island descent.

AAP reports a bag containing nappies, formula and bottles was placed beside the boy's basket.

The ABC reports police are concerned about the welfare of the mother.

Police have confirmed there was a letter accompanying the child, asking for the community to help raise it.

AAP reports detectives from the Child Protection and Investigation Unit will visit churches and hospitals on Sunday in the hope of finding information about a pregnant woman or new mother who was having troubles.