27 Jul 2013

Cambodian elections on Sunday

6:57 am on 27 July 2013

Elections in Cambodia take place on Sunday and the inevitability of the Prime Minister's return to power has been reinforced by a official refusal to allow the leader of the opposition to stand against him.

Sam Rainsy has returned from self-imposed exile and his supporters accuse the government of being too scared to let him take part in the contest.

Committee for Free and Fair Elections director Koul Panha said the election will be the least fair election if compared to previous ones.

He told the ABC there were three main problems with the elections being free and fair: media access, police and military officials are all controlled by the ruling party and "ghost" voters.

''It is the first at time in Cambodia that the opposition leader has no name as a contesting candidate," he said.

Elections observer will be monitoring the vote on Sunday. However, the ABC reports there are not enough of them to cover all 19,000 polling stations.

Koul Panha said the focus will be on the 10,000 larger polling station and areas of possible conflict.