11 Jul 2012

Brief session of Parliament held

10:47 am on 11 July 2012

Parliament in Egypt reconvened briefly on Tuesday on the order of President Mohamed Mursi.

The restart was in defiance of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, which disolved parliament after a ruling by the Supreme Constitutional Court on 14 June.

Earlier, the council said the decision to dissolve parliament must be upheld and it was confident all state institutions would respect the law and constitution.

MPs approved a proposal by Speaker Saad al-Katatni that parliament seek legal advice from a high appeals court on how to implement the supreme court's ruling. He then adjourned the session.

The recall of the assembly has riled the army and the judiciary, as well as raising tensions between the Muslim Brotherhood and liberal groups.

The issue took another turn on Tuesday when the Supreme Constitutional Court intervened to freeze Mr Mursi's directive.

The BBC reports it is unclear how events will unfold.