24 Jun 2012

Egyptian election result to be announced

8:01 pm on 24 June 2012

Egypt's election commission says the delayed results of the presidential run-off will be announced on Sunday.

The commission has been considering appeals by the two candidates - Mohammed Mursi of the Muslim Brotherhood and former Prime Minister, Ahmed Shafiq.

Both have claimed victory and say they will appoint unity governments.

Thousands of their supporters spent the night in Tahrir Square in the centre of Cairo amid increasing political polarisation in what the BBC says is a peaceful, but tense atmosphere.

Supporters of Mohammed Mursi are demanding the army cancel the order dissolving parliament and assuming for itself wide-ranging constitutional powers.

The demonstrators are also urging the election commission to announce who won last weekend's presidential vote - their candidate, or the former air force commander, Ahmed Shafiq.

The results from last weekend's run-off were originally due out on Thursday.

A statement said commission head Faruk Sultan would announce the result at 3pm (local time) on Sunday.

On Friday, the Supreme Council of Armed Forces called on supporters of both candidates to accept the result.

The council dissolved parliament, claiming legislative power the previous Friday.

Mr Shafiq came second to Mr Mursi in the first round last month. Voter turnout was only 46%.