17 Jun 2012

More pilgrims killed by bombers

8:28 am on 17 June 2012

Two separate car bombs targeting Shia Muslim pilgrims in Baghdad have killed at least 32 people.

At least 14 died when the first bomb exploded just after midday on Saturday on a route used by pilgrims in the Shula district. It was in an abandoned taxi.

The BBC reports the second blast happened nearby a few hours later, killing at least 18 others as they returned from Kadhimiya.

Thousands of pilgrims had travelled to Baghdad on Saturday for the final day of a festival marking the anniversary of the death of Moussa al-Kadhim, the great-grandson of the Prophet Muhammad.

The shrine in Kadhimiya is where the seventh imam is said to be buried.

On Wednesday, at least 70 pilgrims were killed amid 22 bombings across the country. The Islamic State of Iraq said it was behind the attacks.