2 Feb 2012

Preparations for Lake Rotehu rejuvenation almost done

8:19 pm on 2 February 2012

Bay of Plenty Regional Council has almost completed preparations for a $500,000 project that will improve the health of Lake Rotoehu and reduce the chance of algal blooms.

A lightweight plastic draught tube system and compressed air lines will take water from the deepest part of the lake and pump it to the surface to eliminate pockets of low oxygen water.

The council's lake operations manager, Andy Bruere, says the constant mixing of water will prevent the release of nitrogen and phosphorous from sediment on the lake floor.

He says the project has the full backing of local Maori.

Mr Bruere says the Tautara Matawhaura Farm Trust has given the council ongoing access to the lake, so it can transport equipment and carry out water monitoring tests.

He says if the de-stratification aeration project is successful, it could be tried in Lake Rotorua as well.