21 Mar 2014

Petition to remove Rena wreck

7:04 am on 21 March 2014

A spokesperson for a petition to remove what remains of the Rena knows it'll be a dangerous job, but says it has to go.

The Rena's bow was dismantled in February 2013.

The Rena's bow was dismantled in February 2013. Photo: RNZ

The 'Remove the Rena, Restore our Reef' campaign aims to get 10,000 signatures and was launched on Thursday in Tauranga.

It's being supported by the local mayor, some politicians, iwi members, residents and businesses.

The petition calls on the Government to pressure the owners and insurers of the Rena to get rid of what's left from Astrolabe reef.

A spokesperson for the initiative Pat Spellman says the petition's goal is to hold the owners and insurers responsible.

He says his group is asking the Government to pressure them - and get them to remove the wreck from the reef and restore the marine environment close to the way it was before the disaster.

Mr Spellman says removing the wreck will be risky, just like driving an LPG tanker truck, flying to the moon and working in a mine.

He says these jobs come with what he describes as danger money.

Mr Spellman says there's no way just anyone would be selected to remove the remains of the ship. He says highly skilled people with experience would be sent to do the job.

Last week, elders from a Motiti Island hapu said the remains of the container ship should stay where they are because removing it could cost someone's life.