20 Feb 2014

BOP Maori economic strategy launched

8:01 pm on 20 February 2014

A strategy has been in launched to develop the Maori economy in the wider Bay of Plenty region.

He Mauri Ohoho is the country's first Maori economic development strategy directed at a region, which includes Taupo.

According to the project, Maori assets in the catchment are worth $8.6 billion, yet Maori people in the area earn on average $116 less per week than non-Maori.

Co-chair of the strategy Anthony Olsen says its aim is to remove the barriers to developing the Maori economy, by forming strong links with business networks, and aligning the plan with iwi and national economic strategies.

He says Maori in the region are entrepreneurial, and it wants to provide the necessary opportunities around capital, investment and education to help start a Maori business.

Mr Olsen says the goal is to support Maori to create jobs and wealth in the region.