31 Jul 2013

Relaunch of Maori Subject Heading project

7:07 pm on 31 July 2013

A project to correct the subject headings of te reo Maori and kaupapa Maori information at libraries is to be relaunched after phasing out last year.

Te Roopu Whakahau is one of three groups behind the Maori Subject Heading working party, which was formed in 1998 because it was difficult locating accurate information in te reo Maori and on Maori subjects.

That's because the European and American cataloguing systems didn't fully recognise the Maori language.

Te Roopu Whakahau executive Eddie Neha says funding shortages meant the dedicated librarian lost her job last year.

However, he says a hui is coming up to relaunch the project and hopefully to get a new librarian who can work full-time.

Mr Neha says it will allow Maori researchers the opportunity to pick up the subjects in a better context.