29 Sep 2012

Standards data highlights Maori students - authority

10:20 pm on 29 September 2012

The Iwi Education Authority (Te Maru o Nga Kura-a-Iwi o Aotearoa) says that publishing of national standards puts emphasis on the need to improve the performance of Maori students in mainstream schools.

The data for all 2000 schools operating under national standards was published on the Ministry of Education's website on Friday.

Spokesperson for the newly-established authority Toby Curtis agrees with the publication.

He says the information shows the performance of Maori students at Maori-medium schools, such as kura kaupapa, is better than that of Maori students at mainstream schools, and work needs to be done to work out why.

He says it's important that these issues are brought to everyone's attention, so they can be addressed.

Mr Curtis says the challenge for schools is not to run and hide but face up to the problem and find a solution.