17 May 2012

More Maori to prescribe nicotine replacement therapy

7:17 pm on 17 May 2012

The director of a Maori anti-smoking group is thrilled more Maori will soon be able to help others to quit.

Te Puna Oranga, the Waikato District Health Board's Maori Health Service, has offered free quit card training to all Maori staff working within the Midland region.

Once the training is complete later this month, staff will be able to prescribe nicotine replacement therapy, where previously only health professionals could do so.

Te Puna Oranga workforce development co-ordinator Natania Katene says once this happens, there will be more people able to encourage Maori to quit.

Te Ao Hurihuri director Shane Bradbrook says having more Maori available to help people quit will be a huge benefit.

Mr Bradbrook says that will all help towards the goal of making New Zealand smoke-free by 2025.