10 Jul 2012

Judge dismisses Armstrong lawsuit

11:48 am on 10 July 2012

A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong against the US Anti-Doping Agency but says he can refile it within 20 days.

The US District Judge Sam Sparks criticised Armstrong's lawyers for the 80-page filing saying it smacked of a public relations move rather than a challenge to the body that imposes doping sanctions on US athletes.

But Sparks also says he is not ruling on the merits of the lawsuit and says that the US cycling legend was welcome to once again present it.

Armstrong hoped to prevent the agency from pressing on with doping charges against him.

Armstrong has until Saturday to challenge USADA's charges through a hearing with a three-member arbitration panel or accept sanctions.

Instead, Armstrong hoped to turn the entire system on its head, challenging USADA's jurisdiction in his case and the legitimacy of its rules.

Armstrong's legal move claimed USADA rules are a violation of his US constitutional right to a fair trial.

Armstrong, who has denied ever using performance-enhancing drugs, also claims that USADA chief executive Travis T. Tygart is pursuing a personal vendetta against him.