30 Aug 2011

New toxin for pest control launched

4:20 pm on 30 August 2011

The first toxin to be registered for animal pest control for 30 years has been launched at the opening of a new research centre in Christchurch.

PAPP (para-aminopropiophenone) was approved for use on stoats in March this year and is expected to be used by the Department of Conservation and regional councils in bait stations on the ground.

Stoats kill an estimated average of 40 North Island brown kiwi every day.

The associate director of Lincoln University's Centre for Wildlife Management and Conservation says the PAPP toxin is humane, as it kills animals quickly and breaks up in their body so there is no risk to pets.

Helen Blackie says the centre is also working on other pest managment techniques she hopes will be released within the next few months.