14 Apr 2015

Early snow disrupts farming, travel

6:23 am on 14 April 2015

Snowfalls in parts of Southland and South Otago caused white outs and disruption for farmers, flights and road users yesterday.

South Island snow

Photo: Twitter / Steve Wilkins

Southland farmer Geoffrey Young said the snow came as a surprise after the recent mild weather.

Speaking late on Monday, he said it had disrupted work on his farm - Cattle Flat Station, near Gore.

"We really only had a smattering on the paddocks but there's probably five to 10 centimetres out on the hill, depending on what height you get up to.

"So it was certainly very cold and quite bleak up there. We were due to go out at seven o'clock this morning straggle-mustering but it was certainly totally inappropriate to go out in those conditions, it was virtual white out conditions."

Mr Young said they had recently shorn a large mob of mixed age ewes.

"They're off shears about four to five days, so it's just really a case of keeping them moved onto other good quality pasture with good shelter belts around the paddocks."