19 Jul 2013

Westland enters infant formula maket in China

12:42 pm on 19 July 2013

Westland Milk Products is the latest to enter the rapidly expanding infant formula maket in China, with the launch of three new products in Shanghai.

The West Coast co-operative is producing infant, follow-on and growing up powders, at a new plant in Hokitika as part of a move to reduce its reliance on bulk dairy commodties.

Westland has also appointed it's first Chinese based representative, Harry Wang as nutritional development manager for China and is working with Chinese companies to distribute the formula products.

Chief executive Rod Quin, who's in Shanghai, said the company is well aware of the challenges of selling infant formulas in a highly competitive market.

Mr Quin said Westland supports moves by Chinese authorities to toughen regulations covering the infant formula trade and as part of that, the establishment of a brand register by the Ministry of Primary Industries in New Zealand to clamp down on scams such as false labelling.

Mr Quin said Westland will also take legal steps to stop the piracy of its advertising video, which has ended up on YouTube.