23 Apr 2012

Growers vote on kiwifruit grafting practice

2:12 pm on 23 April 2012

Kiwifruit growers in Bay of Plenty have been asked to express their view on whether the practice of notch grafting new kiwfruit varieties onto vines which are susceptible to the disease PSA should be banned.

Kiwifruit Vine Health chief executive Barry O'Neil says the technique of notch grafting newly licenced gold kiwifruit varieties onto Hort 16A gold vines, which are susceptible to PSA, increases the risk of the disease continuing to devastate orchards.

A voting form on the issue had to be completed and returned to Kiwifruit Vine Health by 5pm on Monday.

Mr O'Neil says if 80% of growers vote in favour of a ban, Kiwifruit Vine Health will recommend to the marketer Zespri that it supports the proposal, and make it a condition of the licence for new varieties.