3 Apr 2011

Goff supported by Labour council

5:42 am on 3 April 2011

The Labour Party's ruling council has put its support firmly behind Labour leader Phil Goff in the wake of the Darren Hughes affair.

Mr Goff is attending the New Zealand Council meeting in Wellington, which has discussed his handling of the matter.

Mr Goff had faced criticism for failing to stand Mr Hughes down immediately when he learned the list MP and senior whip was the subject of a police investigation.

But outgoing party president Andrew Little says the council and Labour MPs fully support Mr Goff as leader.

Mr Little says the council believes it's time for Labour to put the distraction of Mr Hughes behind it and focus on the issues that matter to voters.

He also welcomed Moira Coatsworth who has been elected as the new president of the Labour Party.

Mr Hughes, 32, is to resign from Parliament, effective from Tuesday.

Once his resignation becomes official he will be replaced in Parliament by another list MP until the election.

Judith Tizard is the next person on the list and Mr Goff says she is considering her position.

She is expected to announce her decision on Sunday.