11 Dec 2010

Parliament set to remain in urgency

12:02 pm on 11 December 2010

Parliament seems likely to remain in urgency until midnight on Saturday.

Earlier in the week, the Government was hoping to have wrapped up its business by Saturday morning, but the Labour Party is drawing out debates.

Parliament has been debating the committee stages of a bill on the State Sector which will merge the Ministry and Foundation for Research, Science & Technology.

But there is opposition to legislation moving Archives New Zealand and the National Library into the Department of Internal Affairs.

Labour and the Green Party say this will undermine the independence of the Chief Archivist and Chief Librarian, who will become third tier managers at the department.

Two other bills are on the agenda to be passed into law - amending legislation to the Education Act and a bill setting up a Productivity Commission.

If they are not passed by midnight, the House will resume urgency on Monday.