17 Jun 2014

Labour side-steps overstayer amnesty challenge

9:46 pm on 17 June 2014

The Labour Party leader has side-stepped a challenge from the Mana Party to support an amnesty for overstayers.

David Cunliffe.

David Cunliffe. Photo: RNZ / Diego Opatowski

David Cunliffe was told at a public meeting in south Auckland on Monday night that Mana's promise of an amnesty is "turning the heads" of Pasifika voters.

But Mr Cunliffe says it's easy for a small party to promise the earth, moon and stars when it won't be the Government.

He wouldn't be drawn further on an amnesty, but says Labour's forthcoming immigration policy will address the question of overstayers.

Mr Cunliffe says that might mean revisiting the criteria for overstayers achieving legal immigrant status.