21 Feb 2014

Peters sticks to familiar targets

11:35 pm on 21 February 2014

The New Zealand First leader, Winston Peters, says New Zealand is heading down the path of apartheid by targetting policy at Maori.

In his State of the Nation speech to the North Shore branch of Greypower in Auckland today, Mr Peters stuck to his usual targets - migrants and Maori.

He says there is currently too much Government policy targetting Maori.

Winston Peters - may be kingmaker

Winston Peters - may be kingmaker Photo: RNZ / Diego Opatowski

Mr Peters delivered his speech in Auckland's Takapuna.

He said governments have been ignoring the real problems faced by ordinary Maori and have instead appeased what he calls certain - so-called - Maori leaders.

Mr Peters also says New Zealand is losing many of its young, trained workers and often replacing them with unskilled immigrants.