19 Feb 2014

Minister defends redundancy funds

3:58 pm on 19 February 2014

Police Minister Anne Tolley is defending the use of a justice sector fund to pay for police redundancy costs of $12 million.

Anne Tolley.

Anne Tolley. Photo: RNZ

The fund was set up in 2012 ago to absorb savings that can be used in other parts of the justice sector. The aim is to get better results, including reducing crime and reoffending.

Mrs Tolley said on Wednesday using the fund to pay for redundancy payments is entirely appropriate, as the redundancies came about as part of restructuring to improve police case management operations.

"Reducing crime involves police, it involves the courts, it involves justice and it involves Corrections. So we're all working together, so let's make good use of our resources."

The Treasury has a role in overseeing how the fund is used, the minister said.