26 Nov 2012

Party representing producers and exporters formed

9:07 am on 26 November 2012

The newly formed New Zealand Rural Party has changed its name to Focus New Zealand.

It says it wants to represent the interests of producers and exporters, regardless of whether they are in rural or urban areas.

The party, formed in August, held its inaugural conference at the Okaihau Community Hall in Northland on Saturday.

Focus New Zealand president Ken Rintoul said its board was elected on Saturday and the party will start forming policies in coming weeks.

"The main thing that we're about is a better deal for the producers and exporters, because they have a flow-on effect right down to the factory workers and small businesses in New Zealand.

"It's all about the people that produce the wealth of this country."

Mr Rintoul said the party already has more than 200 members, and about 10 new members are joining each week. Five hundred members are needed to become a registered political party.