28 Oct 2012

Minister wants quicker test devised for drink drivers

2:17 pm on 28 October 2012

Police Minister Anne Tolley wants the police to devise a quicker and more efficient system for testing drink drivers, that cannot be undermined by specialist lawyers.

Mrs Tolley said the current system takes officers off the road for far too long. Because of the blood testing and paperwork involved, it takes about 45 minutes to administer each test.

Police tell her too many people are getting away with drink driving offences through technicalities.

If an officer misses one step in the process, a drink driver can escape conviction.

The Government expects the police will develop alternative plans for drink driving tests early in the New Year.

Mrs Tolley said they have been asked to take a 'clean sheet' approach.

Waikato hospital emergency department clinical director John Bonning said there are about 50 technicalities that could set a drink driver free.

He wants the Government to adopt a test used in Victoria and New South Wales in Australia.

Dr Bonning said this system is quicker and still fair on the person being tested.