13 Jun 2014

Rebuilding Pacific kava trade will take time

8:04 am on 13 June 2014

It's estimated it could take at least three years to rebuild the supply of the Pacific kava industry to international export levels.

A landmark decision by Germany's Federal Administrative Court has overturned Germany's twelve year old ban on kava because of fears over its toxicity.

The chair of the International Kava Executive Council, Tagaloa Eddie Wilson, says the restrictions basically cut off the international demand for kava.

Tagaloa says it can take up to five years for kava to mature, but he expects supplies will be back to normal within three years.

"Now we are gonna have to work with our farmers to rebuild and get supply production up again in order to support the markets. At the moment there is still supplies ready, available now, but not in the quantities that the market we anticipate will require."

Tagaloa Eddie Wilson says ultimately it's great news for farmers of the Pacific, and the production process should naturally start to take place again.