13 Mar 2011

Survey finds lack of confidence in Govt economic plans

1:03 pm on 13 March 2011

Many New Zealanders are not confident the Government has adequate plans to reduce unemployment and achieve economic growth, a survey suggests.

For the first time in the Horizon poll more people disapprove of the Government's handling of the economy than approve of it, with 39.4% of those questioned saying they dissapprove compared to 25.5% who said they approve.

Compared with November last year, when the economic management question was last asked, approval of the Government had dropped 8.7%.

Asked about the financial position of their household, 52.2% said it was worse than it was a year ago, 34.8% say about the same, and 12.6% say it is better.

The survey said large majorities of those questioned were not confident the Government has adequate plans to reduce unemployment, achieve economic growth, increase household incomes, and cut government and private debt,

On reducing unemployment, 75.7% were not confident of Government plans to reduce the number of jobless.

Most responses were received before last month's Christchurch earthquake and Horizon says perceptions may change depending on how the Government is seen to be handling the earthquake disaster.

The poll of 1,989 people was conducted between 15 February and 10 March. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.2%.