11 Mar 2011

Quake exodus worsens Auckland house shortage

9:31 am on 11 March 2011

Housing New Zealand says tenants leaving Christchurch because of the earthquake are putting pressure on what was already a huge housing shortage in Auckland.

About 120 tenants have been displaced because of the 22 February quake and most are heading to Auckland, where there are nearly 5000 people on the waiting list for a state house.

Housing New Zealand says the Christchurch evacuees are being given priority, along with those on the waiting list who are in urgent need.

Mangere Budgeting Services Trust chief executive Daryl Evans says he has heard from families who have been told they won't get housed for at least three months.

Mr Evans says it is understandable that whatever aid there is should go to Christchurch families in need, but there are still other families desperate to get into a home.