9 Dec 2010

Regulate hang-gliding, says wife

6:10 am on 9 December 2010

The wife of a man killed in a hang-gliding accident in Queenstown says it is atrocious the industry is still unregulated.

Pilot Gerado Bean and passenger Andrew Scotland died when their hang-glider plunged to the ground during a commercial flight in March last year.

An inquest into the deaths has heard of widespread problems within the industry, while a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) safety inspector said the pilot had pushed the aircraft beyond its limits.

Four years ago, a CAA investigator recommended bringing commercial hang-gliding under the Authority's regulation.

Andrew Scotland's wife, Pauline Scotland, says if that advice had been acted on quickly, her husband might still be alive.

The CAA says it hopes to have drawn up rules about commercial hang gliding by the middle of next year.