6 Dec 2010

Full strength beer ban at all cricket internationals

10:36 am on 6 December 2010

New Zealand Cricket says full-strength beer will not be sold at any venue during international matches this summer.

The cricket organisation's marketing manager, Peter Dwan, says a trial last year showed there is public support to cut the alcohol content.

The strongest beer on sale at any venue during Pakistan's 10-match national tour will be a 3.5% alcohol beer.

On Sunday, the Eden Park Trust Board said it would serve only light or mid-strength beers at matches against Pakistan - the only international cricket matches this summer.

Hamilton's Seddon Park has agreed to make the change but Wellington's Westpac Stadium managers haven't yet decided what strength beers will be served.

Marketing manager Steve Thompson says one-day cricket tends to attract men aged 18 to 22 who can at times lose self-control, but an alcohol management plan and special family seating areas should be enough.

At some stadiums, the change may be mostly symbolic, with the alcohol level only 0.5% lower than beer served last year.