24 Nov 2010

Killers of police witness seek parole

8:55 pm on 24 November 2010

Two of those jailed for the gang murder of a police witness, Christopher Crean, have sought parole for the first time.

Four men are serving life sentences for shooting Mr Crean on his doorstep in New Plymouth in 1996, in revenge for testifying against Black Power members in court.

One of them, Denis Luke, is waiting to attend the Violence Prevention Unit, but has not been given a start date by the Department of Corrections.

The Parole Board will consider postponing his annual parole eligibility when it next sees him in February because of slow progress in his rehabilitation.

Mr Crean's family has told the board it does not ever want him back in Taranaki.

Another of the jailed men, Symon Manihera, 39, has also failed to sway the Parole Board.

It says he is well behaved in prison but still poses a high risk of violent reoffending.

The other imprisoned men, Brownie Mane and Robert Maru, are not eligible for parole until late 2013.