10 Aug 2010

Brawling gang members Neanderthal, say police

11:00 am on 10 August 2010

Tokoroa police plan to increase their presence outside the town's courthouse following a brawl between rival gangs, who police describe as having a Neanderthal attitude.

Four people were arrested on Monday after a fight erupted between eight associates of the Black Power and Nomad gangs. Patched members of both gangs were present in court at the time.

Police say it was the third outbreak of disorder outside the courthouse on court days in the last four weeks.

Detective Sergeant Kevan Verry says there seems to be a Neanderthal attitude between the two gangs, who come to town to hang around the courthouse and have a fight.

Officers will now take a zero-tolerance attitude to people congregating around the court with no real purpose, he says.