11 Aug 2009

Fake animal officers want dogs for fights - police

3:39 pm on 11 August 2009

Dog owners in Otaki are being warned that fake animal control officers are operating in the town.

Police believe the men are trying to obtain animals for illegal dog fighting.

Sergeant Noel Bigwood the fake animal control officers are described as clean cut Maori men in their 20s wearing high visibility vests.

The Kapiti District Council says in the past week the men have been telling dog owners they must give up their pet so it can be micro-chipped.

The council says there have been about half a dozen approaches, but it appears no one has yet fallen for the scam.

It says people need to be aware that animal control officers do not take dogs away for micro-chipping as that is the owner's responsibility.

Council staff would provide proof of identity and would arrive in a marked vehicle.

The New Zealand Kennel Club is advising dog owners to be responsible and alert their local council or police if they are approached by fake animal control officers.