28 Oct 2018

Steel & Tube must repay customers, says lawyer

9:45 am on 28 October 2018

A lawyer who wants to mount a class action lawsuit against Steel and Tube says the company must repay customers who thought its re-inforcing mesh would protect their buildings in a quake.

The company has been fined a record $1.9 million for making false and misleading representations about its earthquake-grade steel mesh.

On test certificates and advertising material, Steel & Tube said its SE62 steel mesh met the New Zealand building standard for reinforcing steel.

Adina Thorn said the company must now pay victims for the stress and uncertainty they have faced.

She said customers, including some in Christchurch, bought the mesh, wrongly thinking it would protect their buildings an earthquake.

"It's really important for homeowners across New Zealand, particularly in Christchurch, to find that the steel mesh that may have been used in their homes is non-compliant. I mean we are talking about, not to put it too highly, earthquake grade steel mesh that's been sold for residential and commercial building," she said.