2 Aug 2010

More advisers to help implement national standards

7:40 pm on 2 August 2010

The Government has announced more detail of how it will help schools improve children's reading, writing and maths.

The efforts are linked to its national standards in those subjects and include a new role for the Ministry of Education.

Education Minister Anne Tolley had previously announced that the ministry would work more closely with schools.

On Monday she said it would create a least 50 positions for people who would advise schools on how to improve their performance.

Mrs Tolley says schools will be helped by new resources such as access to specialist literacy teachers or newly-developed maths teaching resources.

The ministry will review the $86 million a year it spends on teacher training and support so it focuses on programmes that help improve student achievement.

Mrs Tolley says schools will need to use the national standards in order to access the new resources.

However, the Educational Institute says the extra help could have been provided without the national standards.