2 Aug 2010

Rocky Horror creator likely to be allowed to settle in NZ

3:33 pm on 2 August 2010

It's looking increasingly likely that the Government will allow Rocky Horror Picture Show creator Richard O'Brien to settle in New Zealand.

The London-based artist wants to retire in New Zealand, but immigration laws prevent anyone over the age of 55 being allowed to apply for residency.

The 68-year-old is now being given the opportunity to apply, although he still has pass a medical test and a police check.

Richard O'Brien told Morning Report he's a Kiwi and just wants to belong, especially since New Zealand claims him as a "famous son of the soil".

He does not want to "sponge off the country", and says he will make sure he has medical insurance if he comes to New Zealand. His family came to New Zealand in 1952 when he was a child.