21 May 2018

Arrest over drivers' licence altered for teens

7:11 pm on 21 May 2018

An Auckland woman has been arrested for illegally altering drivers' licence details for high school students.

The 18-year-old woman was altering the licences so that teens aged 16 and 17 could get into bars and clubs, police said.

Police said the woman's actions put large numbers of young students at potential risk of harm and that they had identified a number of others during their investigations who will be spoken to.

The 18-year-old woman was charged with fraud and will appear in the Auckland District Court tomorrow.

Senior sergeant Lisa Woodward said police around the country worked closely with licenced premises and security to minimise alcohol related harm.

Ms Woodward said police would be working with schools across Auckland to reinforce the drinking age restrictions and remind students of risks associated with creating and using forged documents.

Police urged parents to be aware of the identification students were using and to explain to teenagers it was a criminal offence to present an altered document.