22 Mar 2018

Plunket criticism unfair, fundraiser says

10:55 am on 22 March 2018

Coverage of Plunket's moves to restructure assets has been unbalanced and is scaring people from donating, a fundraiser for the organisation says.

Richie Poulton

The Plunket Foundation co-chair professor Richie Poulton. (file photo) Photo: SUPPLIED

The child welfare organisation is under fire for transferring assets and properties from local community ownership to Plunket's national organisation in Wellington.

The co-chair of the Plunket Foundation, which fundraises for Plunket, told Morning Report there needed to be some balance in the conversation about the organisation.

"They [Plunket] should be receiving plaudits and I find it puzzling as to why people have sought to attack ... an evidence-based approach to helping people who aren't doing so well," Richie Poulton said.

"They have changed their organisational structure to fulfill their mandate."

Negative coverage had made people "scared" to donate money and he was "sad to hear the vitriol" directed toward Plunket on social media, Prof Poulton said.

Plunket chief executive Amanda Malu told Morning Report on Tuesday changes to the organisation were in order to spread services more evenly across the country.

Ability to raise money for the service was being undercut by what it considered unfair criticism.