18 Jun 2010

Pro-cannabis magazine warned about content

3:00 pm on 18 June 2010

A cannabis law reform magazine has been told it could be restricted to adults only unless it changes its content.

Three past issues of the pro-cannabis magazine Norml News were referred to the Censor by police and the Department of Internal Affairs after they were seized in a national operation against gardening stores in April.

Chief Censor Bill Hastings has ruled that those three issues should be given R18 status so they're not sold to children.

Mr Hastings says that the chief aim of the magazine is to advocate law reform in regard to a currently illegal drug, but that people under 18 years are not mature enough to make the distinction.

He says the whole magazine could be made R18 in future if it continues the way it has been.

Norml News editor Chris Fowlie says the Censor's decision is wrong and patronising to young people. It shows, he says, that the authorities are trying to shut down free speech.