5 Jun 2010

NZ woman describes 'aggressive' Israeli boarding

10:29 am on 5 June 2010

A New Zealand woman arrested after Israeli troops raided an aid flotilla bound for Gaza says she was detained on the ship for 17 hours in horrible conditions.

Nicola Enchmarch, who works for the British-based aid organisation Viva Palestina, was among hundreds of activists detained in Israel after the raid early on Monday in which nine people died.

Speaking to the BBC at Istanbul airport, on her way to Britain, she said that when Israeli commandos boarded the ship, they bound the passengers, were aggressive and menacing and restricted them using the toilets.

Ms Enchmarch says she saw a person who had been shot in the head with what she believes was live ammunition.

Israel says its commandos fired in self-defence, after boarding the ships to stop weapons being transported into Gaza.