24 May 2010

Grieving parents hope driver gets fair chance at life

9:17 pm on 24 May 2010

The parents of a four-year-old boy killed in Christchurch say they want the driver of the car that hit him to grow up to be a good father.

Nayan Woods will be farewelled in Christchurch on Friday, a week after he was hit and killed by a car that left the road and mounted the footpath where the boy was walking with his mother and brother.

Emma Woods spoke at Christchurch Hospital on Monday where her six-year-old son Jacob Woods is recovering.

Ms Woods told of how much she missed her youngest boy, but also of her wish that the driver responsible gets a fair chance at his own life.

She says the 17-year-old should have the chance to grow up to treat others well and to one day become a good father.

Ms Woods says neither she or her husband are angry at the driver, whom she believes had not been drinking, was not racing his car and was simply driving home from work in bad weather conditions.

Police have yet to establish what charges the driver will face.