31 Mar 2010

Government offers hope to wind power sector

9:02 am on 31 March 2010

The Government is offering hope to wind energy firms who say they have faced an uphill battle over their projects for years.

At an energy conference in Palmerston North, the Government has hinted that new renewable energy policies, expected in the next few weeks, will put wind power firmly back in play.

Some wind energy experts are complaining that wind projects attract more than their share of public criticism and the Government stands by doing nothing while projects of national interest fall over.

The comments at the conference follow warnings by the Electricity Commission that supply worries of the past decade could recur by 2013.

The wind industry says it has the technology and the economic means to avert this, but is faced with hostility and little help.

However, MP Chris Auchinvole, representing Environment Minister Nick Smith, told delegates a national energy strategy and a renewable energy policy statement are being finalised, and they should help.